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Jan. 21, 2022

This month we worked on more assets and inventory/crafting mechanics, as well as trying to expand on how each cooking station and workbench will work.

To start, wood and rock based items are almost finished and some parts are ready for testing! Things like logs, ingots, planks, and a smelting station.

With cooking and crafting in progress, some baking/cooking tools have also been made to prepare for the more complex parts, like eventually mixing ingredients and putting things in the oven/on the stove.

In the upcoming month, there will be more food items worked on. It's mostly been baked goods in progress, but I'd also like to expand to more savory items too.

From the inventory concept shown last month, that's been expanded on more and we're getting really close to something that could look really cool! It's mixing a 2D and 3D style to help organize the different types of items that can be crafted or found.

We're looking forward to polish things out a little more and add a lot of new items in the coming months!


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