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March 20, 2022

February and March have been busy months both in the project and outside of it. There were a few complications with the programming, but things are up and running again! We’re working on smaller things to make sure everything is optimized for the future and can be extended for other systems.

There’s been some progress with different food models and cooking mechanics. Some berries and nuts you can gather while exploring the world have been added. They can come from bushes or grabbed off the ground!

We’re working on getting all of the machines for refining foods up and running- so far the flour mill is now working with the new inventory system. We’re also working on adding animations to the oven and stove.

Of course some animations still need to be tweaked so things go together more smoothly, but it's exciting to get the stove process started!

For programming, we're still adjusting the inventory so things work a little better. Crafting on the work bench is also a work in progress, but we have a good idea of how it will all come together! The goal is to have it work similarly to the backpack with 3D items you can place on the main table. We also redid the workbench and added new textures and models to make it come together more!


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