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Nov. 20, 2021

This month has been more of a focus on programming for cooking mechanics and fleshing out how I plan for them to work, as well as some concept art.

Plant growth has been worked on more, and it’s getting to a point where I think it’ll be a good template for other crops too. Of course, there’s still some things like animation and other visual effects that I think will help pull it together more, but it’s getting there!

One of the cooking mechanics I’ve been working on specifically is the mortar and pestle! Right now, it’ll work as something to crush smaller items and plants into a powder/paste depending on what it is.

I’ve also been working on the chopping mechanic, where the player can take whatever they grew and cut it into smaller pieces. However, I haven’t decided if it should have more dynamic cutting, where the item can be cut into whatever shape the player wants or to have pre-cut pieces. If you think one over the other would work better, any feedback is welcome!

The other planned cooking parts are baking, frying on a stovetop, juicing, and garnishing. Baking relates more to pastries and bread while the stovetop will give more savory foods. The juicer will most likely be worked on next, where the player can put a crop they have into a juicer and make juices to sell at the marketplace.

There are a few other things I’m interested in getting done for this next month too, such as getting bees and chickens to work in their environment, like a coop and beehive.

That’s been November’s work! I’ve been thinking of posting more often, since things feel like they are progressing quickly, to keep people more updated. But, if you’re interested in more frequent posts or are interested in the project, the @CPhoenixGames twitter tends to have weekly content and videos!

Thank you so much for reading!


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