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What is the Project & Beginning Development

Havenroot Vale is a game that will focus on a life and farming based experience that includes a mix of realism and fantasy. The game will be in a 3D, first person view, and will focus on a mix of exploration, material production, and community. Discovering and conquering new areas, cooking and crafting items to keep or sell, and meeting and creating relationships with different characters are more specific examples of this, though I have a lot of goals for how I'd like the game to end up playing.

As an artist who loves playing games, I've always wanted to make my own. So, from today, the game with the tentative title of 'Havenroot Vale' will begin logging its progress! Throughout the month, I will be posting screenshots, videos, and concept art mainly on this website and other social media platforms, like Twitter. Near the end of each month, I will be making a blog post summarizing what's been completed or worked on in more detail.

Most future posts will mostly be prototyping/making sure the programming works, so there will be a lot of art assets used that will be upgraded later or will completely change near the end of development. Any named concepts of plants, animals, etc. might not keep that name as well.

I may have lots of personal ideas and goals for how I want Havenroot Vale to turn out- however I want potential future players or anyone who's interested in following the development of the game to make their opinions known too! I want the game to be something that a community can enjoy as well as me, so any feedback or requests will be taken into consideration when developing mechanics.

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