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About  Havenroot  Vale

Havenroot Vale is a 3D, first person, RPG that simulates a fantasy-esque farming and life experience.

Plant, grow, and sell your crops! Turn your harvest into profit that can be sold at the weekly farmers market.


Cook and bake your harvest into different foods! Chop and mix your vegetables into a salad or bake flour, eggs, and more into cakes and breads in fun minigames.


Explore different and mysterious zones! Delve into the land past your farm to discover different areas, tamable and hostile wildlife, `and new crops to take back with you!

Meet and build relationships with the locals! Talk, gift, and do quests for the people residing in Havenroot to create a friendship or even a romance.


Development  Features/Goals

Phase  One

Plant and grow crops on your farm!

Buy and domesticate animals.

Play cooking mini-games and turn produce into food. Use a crafting table to create furniture or other supplies for your farm.





Phase  Two

Experience the different seasons of Havenroot Vale and how they affect the environment.
Weather, such as rain and snow, will occur during gameplay.

Use magic or tools to fight the land's creatures that appear in different areas and gain materials from what they drop.

Go into town and meet the locals! They can sell and buy things, as well as delve into conversation about themselves.
Certain domesticated animals can follow the player and help pickup and find materials. Some can also help in combat.

NPCs & Pets


Seasons & Weather

Phase  Three

NPCs can have a relationship with the player. Whether this is a friendship or something deeper, conversation, gifts, and other interactions will help raise relationship levels with the character and the town as a whole.

Expand your farm and upgrade different areas.

Upgrade your farm to add a body of water. Raise fish, go diving, and collect new materials.

NPC Relationships

Farm Expansion

Underwater Farming

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